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Greater Syracuse Works is comprised of community agencies, organizations and concerned citizens who have come together and meet on a regular basis to address important issues that affect the city of Syracuse and the surrounding communities. This collaboration has resulted in a number of successful projects.
Who We Are

Greater Syracuse Works (GSW) was organized and is maintained to develop innovative methods of creating and sustaining employment for low-income individuals in the Greater Syracuse area.

Through cooperative planning, action and follow-up GSW strives to achieve a number of programs and activities.

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Parent Success Initiative (PSI)

An Employment Support Program

for Non-Custodial Parents


The Parent Success Initiative assists unemployed non-custodial parents find and keep employment, increase child support payments, and strengthen relationships with their children.  Since 2000, Greater Syracuse Works was responsible for creating and maintaining the nationally recognized Parent Success Initiative (PSI) and for the past 13 years PSI has utilized five different funding streams to continue the program. 


Initially a USDOL funded Welfare to Work competitive grant project, PSI is currently again funded through the USDOL under their Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration program (ETJD).  GSW, in collaboration with the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA), was selected as one of seven national sites for a nearly $5 million research program.  The research project is designed to determine the success rate of persons who receive extensive supports when compared to persons who receive no supports.  In Syracuse, the Parent Success Initiative will select up to 1,000 unemployed non-custodial parents and randomly assign them into either control or program groups.  Control group participants will be followed for several years to determine their job finding and retention success when no program supports are applied.  Program participants will receive a wide range of services including case management, parenting training, job readiness training, paid work experiences, assistance in dealing with legal and criminal history issues and job placement.

As a project of Greater Syracuse Works, the Parent Success Initiative has built on a foundation of existing partnerships to create a neighborhood network of services and supports.  The current PSI-ETJ program follows this model in providing the wide range of services to Program Participants including: linkages with several services at the Center for Community Alternatives (Job Readiness classes, Criminal History counseling, job development/ placement, and case management), Legal Assistance Services of Mid-NY and Hiscock Legal Aid Society for family law issues, the Children's Consortium of Onondaga County for family life skills training, Center for Court Innovations for assistance in recruiting referrals from family court, Onondaga County Department of Social Services for data and recruiting assistance, and Westcott Community Center and Catholic Charities of Onondaga County for case management services.

To find out more about the Parent Success Initiative or apply for services

contact one of the following partners:

Parent Success Initiative Contact List

Center for Community Alternatives
Recruitment/Intake: Emily Napier x267
Supervisor: Mike Pasquale x261 
115 E. Jefferson St. Suite 300 
Syracuse, NY 13202                             
Phone: 422-5638

(Case Management, Job Readiness, Job Placement, Criminal History Counseling, Lead Agency)

Westcott Community Center
ESS: Kathy Boccio

Supervisors: Renee Murray
826 Euclid Ave, 
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 478-8634
Fax: 701-0303
(Case Management Site)

Catholic Charities of Onondaga County
ESS: Kristian Peterson
Supervisor: Grant Schmit

514 Seymour St., 
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone:  254-1416
Fax:  474-3939
(Case Management Site)

Children’s Consortium
Supervisor:  Kathy Harter

Educator:  Kathy McDonald
Phone:  471-8331
Fax:  475-2622
(Parenting Education)

PSI Project Office at Greater Syracuse Works
Jason Bolton Project Coord.  470-4263

Mike Irwin, Program Director  470-4264
Jennifer Schafer, Data Clerk   470-4265
Fax: 470-4295

(Oversight and Support)

Legal Aid Society of Mid NY
Phone: 703-6500 
Fax: 671-0062
472 South Salina St Suite 300, 
Syracuse, NY 13202 

(Family Legal Law Provider)

 Parent Support Program   
Coordinator: Aaron Arnold

Resource Coordinator: Kate Halleron
Phone: 671-2006 
Fax: 671-6082 
(Referrals from the Court) 

Hiscock Legal Aid Society
Phone: 422-8191
Fax: 472-2819
351 South Warren St, 
Syracuse, NY 13202
(Family Legal Law Provider)


For more information about PSI or Greater Syracuse Works

please contact Michael Irwin, Program Director, at

(315) 470-4264 or mirwin@greatersyracuseworks.org


For more information click here or contact Mike Irwin at the Greater Syracuse Works ITC Project Office at 470-4263.

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Postal Mail Address:

Project Coordinator
Greater Syracuse Works, Inc.
c/o 516 Burt St.
Syracuse , NY 13202

Via E-mail Address:  jobs@greatersyracus eworks.org   

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