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Service and Learning Together at Le Moyne College


Greater Syracuse Works

Overview of SALT Project

The Le Moyne College NYCC AmericCorps*VISTA SALT Project (Service and Learning Together), is based on a collaboration between Le Moyne College (LMC) and Greater Syracuse Works (GSW). The Project will address two goals. First, the partnership will enhance the ability of GSW member agencies to increase long-term workforce success of low-income and low-skilled individuals, including current and former welfare recipients. Second, the SALT Project will strengthen the community service, work study and service learning opportunities available to LMC undergraduate students by creating opportunities targeted to serve the low-income and low-skilled population.

The client and agency surveys were designed to begin this collaboration by identifying the needs of low-income inner-city communities to be served for expanded and/or improved employment training programs. This data will in turn serve for the development of service-learning courses and guide decisions regarding service opportunities to be addressed with campus resources (i.e. student volunteers, work study student placements, etc.) A SALT advisory board, consisting of GSW members, Le Moyne faculty, administrators and students, will be formed to help develop this partnership.

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